Sketch Maker Pro is finally finished!

Welcome to Sketch Maker Pro, the first ever drawing project I have ever done! I know it's not the best and it has a few problems, like how you can't save your art, you can draw when you are picking a color from the color tray, and you can't change the size when drawing.

Press space to pick a color from the color tray, and start drawing!


Coming up in the next update: Music

Changing the size works great for me, but I can't change the color (and I can't find the code that would make it work).

hmmm....I could have sworn I saved the code that changes the costume from clicking on the color tray....It must be some weird glitch where it doesn't save or I must be having so much trouble with saving code- I have to redo the whole code that changes the color, how frustrating....

Uhh, @bh there is something odd, so I replaced the color code and replaced the color sprites, but it will not change color.

Reading your mind, I see that at some point in the past you understood what the problem is, because there's a loose GO TO BACK LAYER block in the color tray's scripting area. That needs to be in the startup script for that sprite, and -- it took me a while to understand this -- also in the startup script for the Sprite sprite, because otherwise that one is always right under the mouse and that's the one that gets the click.

Thanks, it's fixed now :)

What do You think of a color picker of arbitrary precision? Can be generated with sample script in "Color tray" or imported from any source.
There is a project

The color picker gets any color from the "Color tray" costume or any pixel on stage
Sketch Maker Pro script pic

You see, I tried doing that for a little while, even compared it to the one that has the color picker, and it just isn't the same. I don't know what I got wrong-

:gear: menu, disable | :ballot_box_with_check: Flat line ends |

cool project @funtime_foxy101 :smiley:

It won't change color

thanks, It has a few (lot) of bugs at the moment-

hmm why not use the pen instead of stamp...

WHAT pen tool???

pen down... and pen up and pen color

Stamp is easier.

no its not uses to much costumes...

It doesn't use costumes, it's not cloning -_-

ill just make one and show you...