Size of the .xml file

did you know ? when you save a big matrix with true/false values, the size of the .xml is very big !


well, yeah, of course it would take up more space. the data value is more data then "1".

Wait, what? In either case it's a million-item list. Each item is a single scalar value, either True or 1, but that should at worst be a small constant factor in size.

xml script pic
<list struct="atomic" id="36">1,1,1...

xml script pic (1)
<list id="35"><item><list id="36"><item><bool>true</bool></item><item><bool>true</bool></item><item><bool>true</bool></item>...

Huh. Okay, so, 30 bytes per True vs. 2 bytes per 1 -> factor of 15, which is within reasonable experimental error of @loucheman's observation.

I still say that's a "small constant factor"! :~P

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