Sinus movement

My new project

all blocks are clones.
enjoy the waves!

Excellent work :slight_smile:

Tres bien :slight_smile:

Thank you Simon!

The wave pattern is very pretty!

I happened to look first at the code for a pattern in which every clone was moving, and wondered why you made an array of Falses and then used nested FOR loops to set them all to True. But then I realized that you used the same code template for all the patterns and edited them for the specific behavior you wanted. So I think the template should be abstracted into a HOF. The way that gives you the most efficient code is

used this way:

A more elegant but less efficient version (because it sets every element of the arrays even if unchanged):

used like this:

Good idea Brian, thank you!

I tried

hoping to get quarter-circles around the origin. I can definitely see the influence of I and J on the results, but they don't look circular. Is that just because the resolution isn't good enough, or am I getting the math wrong?

There is 102 clones
The matrix is 12*18 = 216

How it's organized:
the rows:

the columns:

Maybe the circle pattern is here ?

Yeah, I was thinking something like that. But you'd never see it as a circle if you didn't know to look for it!