Single sign on with Clever

Please consider offering single sign on with Clever. We have loved the simplicity of our students having nearly all of their digital learning resources easily accessible through the Clever portal. I would love for Snap! to be part of this! Anything that simplifies students' and teachers' lives right now is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

I see no reason for it, but @bh, and @jens might be able to help you. @jens is on vacation though.

It does look very convenient. There are two problems. One is that they make money by charging applications (that's us) per school. It would be a lot of money; I estimate $15K per year if every school used it, which would have to come out of our zero budget. (They mention a stripped-down free service in the fine print, but I can't find any explanation of it on their site.) The second is that in order to partner with them I would have to warrant that I'm authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the university, which I'm not. So it would be a long process involving our lawyers signing off on it, which we already can't do for school districts' privacy contracts. (There are more gory details that I could explain if you really want to know.)

So, yeah, I'd like it too, but first you have to fundraise for us to hire a project administrator as a Berkeley employee whose job would be to run interference with the lawyers for us. :~(

Nope, he's now back.

Thank you for looking into it. I was hopeful y'all could make it work as I received a notice today that CMU CS is now able to offer signing on through Clever. Thanks for your time.