Single-board Computer for Snap!?

Can anyone recommend a single-board computer for use in a dedicated physical computing project such as an arcade?

The only requirements are that it (1) needs to run Snap! and (2) needs to have the capability to connect to a microcontroller such as the BBC micro:bit.

A Raspberry Pi 3 will totally run Snap!, but a Raspberry Pi 4 will run it so fast you won't notice it's actually a SBC.

If the arcade cabinet is big enough, though, why not just use a second hand laptop or a cheap desktop PC? That's what we used for the two Snap! Arcade Machines we built.

That will certainly work for a proof-of-concept implementation. We're hoping to eventually create a project that can be implemented in an affordable and replicable manner in schools. If we can provide sourcing for components, it makes it easier for administrators to acquire parts, etc.

A 2GB Raspberry Pi 4 currently appears to be $123 on Amazon:


The price on Adafuit is $45, but they have been out of stock for some time. If the supply constraint is resolved by the beginning of the school year in the fall, this could be an attractive and affordable option.