Sine Wave Modifier

sine wave modifier

This project is basically a toy that lets you do things with a sine wave.
Settings description hopefully coming soon, reference project notes for now.

Sweet! We just finished the unit on sinusoidal functions in my math class. (4th year that we talked about them lol)


My favorite things about sines are their applications in animation or art, they allow for a floating effect, they can be used to draw circles, they can make hilly terrain like in the project, I'm just listing all I've tried with them, I'm sure there's way more though.

You forgot "Sound Oscillators" and "Computers literally run on a bunch of sine waves added together."


Computers run on A/C electric power. Granted, those are cosine waves :smirk:

And, the computer's clock is a square wave, which can be made by adding a bunch of sine waves together. (Also, $$\cos(x)=\sin(x+(\frac{\tau}{4})$$ )


You can use double dollar signs ($$) to imbed TeX markup.



Really. Try it out in Desmos!

<--There should be an iframe there.

Oh pooh. That's one sine wave.

Dubious. If you actually try to make a square wave by adding sine waves, you'll get a lot of ringing, which won't make for clean on/off transitions.

Double for inline math mode, triple for display mode.

Same for the 555. You need to add a bunch of caps to clean it out.

Sure. But in the analog domain, it's okay if your circuit only sorta works, whereas in the digital domain, things have to Work.

Fair enough.

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