Simple way to get rid of idk what formating this is

Screenshot 2024-05-17 8.06.41 AM

If you shift-click the snap logo/, then enter dev mode, there is an operators block that can help with this.

If the "decode uri" option doesn't work, try the "decode uri component" option.

why dont they just make it a normal block

all these blocks in dev mode have been made without

cookies script pic (1)

Why would you use javascript when there's a block in snap that can do it already? This block is one block in dev mode that I feel like is fine to use in any project, because it has a function that no other block can get close to (ignoring the javascript function block).

i just was trying to show that these blocks are all possible

Anything is possible with javasctipt, but it's a better exercise to try and use no javascript whatsoever, because of how inconvenient it is to turn on javascript functions.

k now im having url issues

what do all the other things in that block do

Well, try them out. That's the best way to learn how something works.

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