Simple way to find the largest variable out of 10 variables?

I'm working on an ai project but I don't know a simple way to find the largest variable out of 10 variables. Could I get some help?

@joecooldoo maybe you can help on this

variables are supposed to be seperate bits of information, if you have 10 of them you should probably the numbers in a list so you don't need to copy all the variables around everywhere, otherwise it would be annoying if you suddenly need to add another, do it with different variables, etc

for getting the largest, the manual mentions a block but also says it's hidden specifically because people should learn how to do it with the visible blocks first, so i'm not sure i should say where it is

There's a max reporter. It's hidden under math blocks relable. To get it, just pull out a math block (like + or -), then click relable. There should be a max block. The max block finds the largest value of all of the inputs.

Did you want to know which var is the largest or which value is the largest?

If it's the largest value, make a list and drop the list on the arrow in the max block like this:

dont worry i got it

Why do you have 10 separate variables in the first place? If they store the same kind of data and can be compared, why not just put them in a list?