Simple starter pdfs.

I'll upload more content :)

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Good start. Don't you think you should explain why you tell them to do things? E.g., why MOVE 5 STEPS? Because you want the sprite not just to face toward the mouse, but to try to catch up with it. And same for all the other pieces.

I was thinking of improving the text with a lot of explaining but I might do that on things that are way more bigger like building a platformer.

Cool. Good work, thanks!

Another pdf

oops I called alonzo gobo at the start

What's this "wondershare filmora" thing? Their enormous logo is in the way of the IF blocks down at the bottom.

it's a video source maker, but it has a watermark on free plans which I hate when companies do that for you need to pay like $23 dollars just to get rid of a water mark!

What do you give it as input?

It's a video editor, so you feed it any kind of video file and it lets you edit the video and add text and such.

No, I meant, what specifically is @danielthebanana4 feeding it? Maybe we can think of a better free solution.

what do you mean by that? I give videos to it?

.mov? .mp4? .gif?


I'm trying to understand in what sense it's a "maker." It seems to host the video for you, and somewhere along the way it became an mp4. But did it, for example, combine videos, or something?

oh no, I saved the video, then went to website that hosted the video

Plus now I am going to use youtube