That's my new game !

Give it a try !

Run better in the editor...


  1. Turn it on ! (green button) (Simon turn on : blue,yelloww,green,red)

  2. Wait for the sequence to memorize

  3. Repeat the pattern after Simon...

you have 3 lives.

  1. Turn it off !

Good game !

Pssst, if you reach level 20 with no mistake, a surprise music waiting for you !

Very nice :slight_smile:

Note for others - press the green flashing button and then wait for it to light up the 4 colours

It will then start the real sequence

Love it!

Please add instructions - I don't really understand @cymplecy's.

i think i messed up but it didn't register that i messed up so i continued as normal until it claimed that i messed up when i didn't, but then later i swear i was following the pattern but it said i messed up i swear i didn't mess up

i was at 15

To play
Press green flag
Then click on flashing green button
Wait until it goes through Blue Yellow Green Red Sequence and then wait for the 1st real colour and start clicking the sequence

Have you played a Simon game before?

I got to 12 myself

I think you get 3 retries

I add instructions in the first message