Sierpinski Triangle (built using hexagons)


The recursive triangle one is easier to understand, but this one's much faster as it doesn't repeat already drawn lines! :slight_smile:

Wow! Yet another way to draw it! The Sierpinski Triangle is the CS equivalent of proving the Pythagorean Theorem in math -- there are hundreds of ways to do it.

Your way is interesting because it doesn't actually draw the outside border; it's sort of a leaky gasket. :~) I don't entirely understand how it works--I'm going to have to spend more time with it.

Talking about speed:Ƅski

Check it out in full screen for best resolution.

It just draws and fills a triangle, [then wears it as a costume and stamps it three times in a triangle shape], then repeats what's between brackets.

I think @dan_garcia was doing something like this with other fractals.

The only issue here is that the drawing starts losing crispness after iteration 8 or so, but it's cool and super fast nevertheless.

Wow!! this is soooo fast I can barely see it happening!

This is wonderful! It's the same idea as the "world's fastest fractal" I created some years back and showed at one of the Scratch conferences...