Shown variable resizes when I don't want it to

I tried to create a journal project, where the journal entries are displayed by having a List variable that is shown on the stage.

Is there a way to prevent Snap from resizing a shown variable when the set block is used? The idea of this project is that the shown variable should take up most of the stage. However, anytime I use a set block with the shown variable, the shown variable resizes to be much much smaller.

I work-around this by clearing out all items in the list and then repopulating all items. Both the work-around version (leftmost block) and the original version (rightmost block) are in the project.

Is there a way to prevent the resize when using the set block?

List watchers are always reset when the set block is used

Other workarounds are to use write text block instead of a watcher

Or convert you journal list to a multiline text watcher (but that has its own issues)

Your current workaround seems quite a good one :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

It was a bit clunky to present this in our Snap class today.

I guess I was hoping that I could either lock the shown variable size, or that the resize could be skipped if a List variable was set to a new List.

Either way, it is not the biggest deal. I just thought I might as well ask.