Shotgun Shootout (3D!)

Shotgun Shootout is a FPS engine that I have made, it is semi 3D as you can turn left and right. Targets were initially in the project but I went with a beautiful wall instead. When shooting at the wall bullet holes will appear!

This is my first 3D project and my first FPS game so……… yeah. This took me like an hour-hour and 30 also.

Controls in the notes and inside of the project itself.

I Need Help!

Inside of Shotgun Shootout you may notice that the bullet holes disappear when shooting again, I do not know why this is happening and need help! I have tried using stamps, did not work, and cloning is not working for some reason. The bullet holes the the main element to 3D as when moving around they are what coordinate the movement to your screen.

Solved by: @alessandrito123 (Thanks)

Keyboard highly recommended as most functions require it.

You should use my 3D FPS Test template. Just saying.

Also I remember @oscar_robinson or @sladescar or someone made a Snap! project that was a remake of a few games, like Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM. They were pretty good.

I wanted to make my own, the gun costumes are from one of those projects I believe.

ISSUE: I just tested it on my Laptop and the aim functions do not work. And the reload, the animations and functions of the actions work, just they cannot be activated how they want too.

Why is this happening? I have tried running forever<if (r) pressed> And it still will not work when I press R. Is this not working for everyone or is it a device issue?

EDIT: Solved, fixed when I ran in project page.

EDIT: Bullet holes temporarily removed, need fixing.

I can't move using A and D...

@earthrulerr OMG!!! I solved it!!! check my copy of your project to see the update.
Update: You can't move with your mouse, only with A or D keys,
and you can't reload until your bullets level are in 0.
You can save this project to update your game. :slight_smile:

You guys are a lot more dedicated to your snap projects than I am

Oh! I made something similar to this called "Etherknox" (it is still playable today so just look it up on my profile.)

nice project btw

Not really 3D, more of an interpretation.

Thanks! Updated.

Most of my project I spend an hour+ on them as I will keep adding or changing things. I have ideas over and over.


Well I like to make them also. It’s fun for me, really fun, I can start a project at 9pm and end it at 12pm and not notice the time pass by.

Lol, but for me when that happens im like "Crap! A bunch of my day is gone!"