Shortcuts (such as ctrl+z) don't work while another language is selected

if i switch the keyboard to ukrainian, i can no longer use keyboard commands that involve a letter, such as ctrl+z to undo

(i know it's a common bug in gnome web but same in chrome and firerfox)

snap only supports english

it should work, tho, if your keyboard has a "z" key. On my German keyboard it also works, even though "z" is somewhere else than on my English one. Is there a "z" in Ukrainian? Because if there isn't, then that's an explanation :slight_smile:

why are you replying with things you don't know anything about?

how am i supposed to know, i dont have a brain of a genius

there is, it's called з, but the z key types я. but anyway ctrl+z key works in other apps while keyboard is ukrainian

so, if you don't know the answer, how about you just don't make one up, like "snap only supports english". Where did you get that impression, hmm?

Ah, so that's apparently the issue... thanks! Snap has it's own low-level input event handling system, so it can support live interaction. Keyboard shortcuts are something of an afterthought that aren't very well supported, because we want users to be able to program key-events themselves.

Its not worth it bro

false. Snap! supports many languages.