Short Talk: MicroBlocks - Getting Closer to Beta

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Presented By: Bernat Romagosa


In this talk we will demo the latest developments in the MicroBlocks programming language, including new primitives to access the board's flash file system, network capabilities, list and string primitives, a garbage-collected memory, a new web-based version, a reworked UI and a new library system, among others.

MicroBlocks is a blocks based, live programming language that runs inside microcontrollers such as the micro:bit, the NodeMCU, a bunch of 32-bit Arduino boards and several Espressif-based boards.

The MicroBlocks system allows for dynamic, parallel and interactive programming, just like in Snap!, but with the twist of letting your projects run autonomously inside the board without being tethered to a computer. Thus, MicroBlocks provides the immediacy and liveness of tethered blocks programming, while supporting real-world applications that require precision timing, autonomous operation, or physically embedding the processor into projects.

Hi! Happy to answer any questions you may have about MicroBlocks!

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