Short Talk: MacBot - Using Snap! to Teach Shakespeare

View on Snap!Con

Presented By: Pam Amendola


Participants will learn how Snap_!_ code can be used to program robots to emote and act out scenes of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The session facilitator will show participants how Snap_!_ code was used in her ELA classroom as part of a language arts unit.

Pam Amendola is a British and American Literature teacher in Dawsonville, GA at Dawson County High School. She had her students learn the play Macbeth and as part of her instructional strategy. Students needed to write Snap_!_ code to get Hummingbird/Finch robots to act out assigned scenes in the play. Her "Macbot" project was modified from a similar project produced at Pace University's "Babblelab". Together with Tom Liam Lynch and Gerald Ardito, Pam was able to bring the Babblelab Bardbot lessons into her classroom.

Tom, Gerald, and Pam are passionate about integrating computer science and computational thinking into core subjects.