Short method of converting a numeric list to true/false

I like to convert this
untitled script pic (75)
to this
untitled script pic (76)

Anyone get a nice Snap!py method?

Bonus points if it handles the 4th element being blank as well :slight_smile:

Here's a very simple way using hyperblocks.
untitled script pic (23)

and yes, it does handle blank as false.
untitled script pic (24)

Genius level thinking :slight_smile:

Inspired me to come up with this to treat any non-zero value as true
untitled script pic (78)

you used this before,if i recall correctly
but actually its better to do
<not 1-list>
by using 1- to replace a not you can change it to number(not text) and then to boolean

Like this?

that works too

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