Shoot those bandits game

Here is the game:

Shoot the enemies before they shoot you. They are growing in numbers as you shoot but they often miss. Sometimes you receive extra life. I recommend playing in fullscreen mode, because otherwise the enemies are too small and hard to hit. How much can you score?

Mostly it's a pleasure to work on such a project with Snap! Kids are happy :slight_smile:

But there are two things I had hard time with:

  1. Sprite layers organization. There are totally insufficient instruments to organize sprites render order. I have many sprite layers here in the game (life meter -> hand with gun -> my gun flash -> bullet impact cloudlets -> bullet holes -> front scene sprite -> bandits -> back scene sprite), and it's very hard to arrange them in the right order with only "go to back/front layes" and "go back N layers". It would be great to have the ability to manually assign layers indexes to sprites
  2. Message handling. Specifically one thing: a message handler block immediately interrupts when a new message of the same type arrives. It can cause different side effects especially when the handler is long. My workaround: to have a very quick "outer handler" and a "inner handler", that perform the logic. Outer handler starts when the message comes and checks whether the inner one is running. If the inner handler is running now, then the outer simply quits. Otherwise it sends an "inner" message, that invokes the inner handler.

On your second point: If you select "thread safe scripts" in the settings menu, then a second event while the handler script is running will just be ignored, so once started, the script always completes. The setting is saved with the project.

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Your game is really good. I got 95 :slight_smile:

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Thank you Brian. I should read the manual...

This brought back memories! I spent long hours playing Colt 36 on my MSX computer when I was a kid :slight_smile:

Here's a video of this awesome game:

Fun fact: my parents bought the MSX computer with a monochrome green phosphorus monitor, so I never knew that the machine could do color until I found the computer on a closet many years later and connected it to a color TV. I spent that day trying out all the games from my childhood and marveling at their colorfulness!


Same for me :slight_smile: I played something like this (don't remember the title) on my NES. Luckily I had color TV :slight_smile:

It's so cool we can create a full game in 2-3 evenings with these modern instruments like Snap!