Shift-click and drag to extract block

Around the camp fire tonight, @bromagosa told us about holding down shift-key and then dragging on a block is the same as right-clicking and choosing extract


That's not a new feature. I'm pretty sure we talked about it in the forum when it was added, but I could be wrong.

I am pretty sure I missed that shift was a shortcut! That's neat.

But clearly we need to expose these better :slight_smile:

@dardoro :slight_smile:

Maybe I missed Jens reply :slight_smile:

If we exposed these better, what would I surprise @cymplecy with in the hallway track? :sweat_smile:

Don't worry- I'll forget again by Snap!Con23 :slight_smile:

Gee, it's been in the manual since forever...

I knew... For about a year.

Everyone except me then :slight_smile:

Um...what do you mean by campfire?

It used to say snapcon (pretty sure anyway)

The after Snap!Con22 sessions meetup took place around a virtual campfire

Around a campfire, people tell stories and share information. It’s a figure of speech. I believe that’s what Cymplecy meant.

Ah. OK.