Shazam in snap!

BH gave the idea a while ago. The concept seems very doable tho to read a song you would typically use samples, but you cant do any calculations with the samples because they are too long. does anyone know a way around this

hash script pic
i think this is a posibility

seems to be this hashing works. can someone help make it faster

NOTE: what i did above didnt work but this seems to

does anyone have any input on how i can make it faster

Why you don't use the pipe block?
(not for speed. to use less variables)

because this was just testing

ontopic: something easier is to check if the sound's samples is similar to the other sound

offtopic: holy moly, is this a voice reveal

But that's not the best way to detect songs, seeing as how samples can vary a lot, so detecting a song from samples would be really hard. That's why shazam uses a music hashing algorithm that is able to detect the melody of a song, rather than the samples.

holly molly. no lol. my voice has been out there for forever

thats what i did