Sharing data between users

I'm making a small game, and I was wondering if there's a way to make some sort of JS object or a snpa/JS variable that saves its data no matter what user is viewing the project (kind of like cloud variables in scratch) so I can implement a friend list. Is this possible or no?

Yes, there is a project with cloud variable blocks, which you can export and use in your own project, here. Hope this helps!

Thank you!

Hi @codeman1044,

Two comments here,

  • That variable Cloud is not official. So, I don't know if there will be available with continuity. I guess it is only a test.

  • If it is not a test, cloud ID should be managed in another way. Now, your variables can overwriten by other projects, choosing the same ID. And. of course, a sever must be protected for attacks.

Maybe @fsul wants to explain his intention.


Thank you for letting me know that they're experimental!
I'm aware of the issue with overwriting, and I'm working on (and almost finished with) developing a script that does a check to see if the data already exists for that ID before writing to it. If it does, it tells the user that they can't use that ID and that they must use a different one. I'm going to use the localStorage object in JS to help with this as well (by loading a user's local data before anything else happens).