Shared Snap!

The Shared Snap! project aims to enable microworlds intercommunication.

Given the absence of this feature in the Snap! environment, we decided to tackle this challenge: we think that introducing communication between microworlds residing in different browser windows (or even in different machines) could be very fun and engaging, allowing for lots of new possibilities.

The complete project source code, documentation and Snap! demos are available on GitHub.

To showcase our project functionalities we decided to publish two public demos.

  • The first one is like an hello world where a text message is exchanged from a sender microworld to a receiver microworld.

  • The second demo shows how a ball can bounce from one microworld to another.

We'll be available on this thread and on GitHub for any kind of clarification and suggestion.

Daniele Schiavi and Marco Canducci

Wow, you've done a lot of work to get a clean interface. Congratulations!

Many years ago I saw a demo in Imagine Logo in which sprites could travel between computers. If you're looking for an extension idea, that's my vote: Allow sending a sprite as a message (by serializing the sprite as we do when you ask to export it) and then instantiate that sprite in the receiver.

Do you know about NetsBlox? It's a Snap! extension along similar lines.

Hi Brian,
I'm the other project developer; thank you for your kind words, it's been a fun learning experience.

We actually thought of your extension during the development but we didn't tackle the challenge due to time limitations. As of NetsBlox we didn't know about it but it seems really well done and polished!