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Want to present your project at the Share Your Project session?

Here's how this works: You've got 3-5 minutes to present something you think is cool. The only requirement is that you built it in Snap!. (NetsBlox, TurtleStitch, and all the extensions and forks are welcome, too!)

Post below with:

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We think the event will be most fun if the projects are as surprise to everyone! So, no need to share a link to your project, but it would be great if you could do that after the session. :slight_smile: But, if there's anything else you'd like others to know about your project, feel free to share it.

I would love to show one, but I'm happy to let other people show their projects first :slight_smile:

Put me on a reserve list if short of participants, as I have mentioned the project on twitter so some will have seen it

Simon Walters
Tracking MAS400 AI Mayflower Atlantic crossing attempt

Background AI-driven robot Mayflower recreates historic voyage - BBC News

  • Hridaya Agrawal
  • AI Image Recognizer

Use of Snap! in a Moodle course about the impacts of CO2 on human beings and the environment.

I'd love to show my functional "marching orders" project...

I can show my halting first steps at writing macros. Definitely a work in progress.

I have "Surname Survival", but also only if we don't have enough people showing their projects.

@mattgig is your project a Snap! project? That is, a project made with Snap!? :slight_smile:

@bromagosa: In the course I use microblocks, Snap! and some other tools but I intend to show the Snap!-"simulations" I wrote for that course. The Moodle course is just the context where the interaction between students (and instructor) takes place. The simulations show how you measure CO2 and how global warming works (on the most basic level).

Another project (part of a course about computer art) I could show is how to use Voronoi diagrams to produce "generative art". It uses lists and tables and sorting. One typical result you would get looks like this:

There's the project, shared, but unpublished still (because I'd like to add some more real photos of the town attractions to it), since 2016, and because I'll not be able to present it because of the family travel planned for the day, you can play with it (it is travel-themed) by trying to find the proper place of the tourist attractions by leading them from the right of the stage to the locations on the symbolic map of the ex-Venetian town of Piran, and avoiding the clones of the naughty "Pirate" bubble that will send the icon back to the right of the stage if it touches it. Sounds like a fun to you? Try it now here.

Richard Millwood - would love to show my century club simulator - basically 100 balls to draw from a bag to win a lottery.

Please show this! WOW!

Only in case we get too few projects from others to show I'd be willing to jump in showing my little one about a traditional form of Japanese embroidery called "Hitomezashi Sashiko"

Russell Morland - I can share my implementation of the chacha cipher.

implementation of the chacha cipher

I'd be interested in seeing that. For NetsBlox we had a project where we wanted to use Speck, but the student working on it ended up deciding to use a JavaScript block.

Speaking of NetsBlox, I have a new (Snap!Con gave me the inspiration to put it together) way of working with our virtual robotics platform I've been playing with, now integrating it into the Snap interface directly.

Akos is supposed to demo the Unity-based desktop version for a few minutes in their keynote, is it okay if I demo my new in-Snap version before as well, or is that too much for one day?

If so:
Gordon Stein
Robots on a Stage

If you have some spare time, you could fit in one of my demonstration how #vee plants grow in real time.

Thank you, everybody! This was a fun session!!! :heart:

Indeed, this was fantastic!!! Thank you so much everyone!! :slight_smile: