Share/Publish Button Not Showing Address in Chrome Browser (Win/Chromebook)

Hi. Just noticed today that the "Share" button does not bring up the share link in the Chrome browser's address bar on either my Windows system or my classes' Chromebooks. That functionality does still work using Firefox on my Windows system. However, our students don't have the option to use Firefox on their Chromebooks.

I just tried this out using Chrome on my Windows 11 computer and it seemed to work fine

I was able to share a project and the link appeared in my address bar
I'm on Chrome 121.0.6167.161

I just tried this on Chrome 114.0.5735.347 , and it worked.

Yes, bluebaritone21 and cymplecy, my apologies. Working fine now on my Win machine and two Chromebooks. xD Thank you very much for quick response.

J. Creamer

P.S. Thank you very kindly also for your reminder by example to include version numbers :P. Thumbs up.

Our Chromebooks

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