Share my project for custom blocks

i mean custom blocks get a lot done sharing them can add some ease in more complex code

What is your actual request?

a category thats like share my projects but for custom blocks

Seems rather redundant, since technically anything done in Snap! is a project, including custom block projects.

Use "export blocks" to make a file with just the blocks. If you want to make that available to other users on the cloud, you can import the block file you just made into a new fresh project and save that.

Excellent idea, you can just make a wiki post (or not if you will be in charge of this post) on the share your project category.

2 options:

  1. We can share a post in wiki mode
  2. Start a new post in the share your project category, we will add somes of our blocks in the comments and you will be in charge to manage the head post to keep it clean (all the blocks you decide to include in the head post has to be categorized for an easy access... like categ motion, looks, sound, pen, etc...)

If you want to submit a block, you have to:

  1. Make the help into the block (comment in the block)
  2. Indicate your username into the block
  3. Indicate the version of this block
  4. indicate if this a new block or an update

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