Shard tracer

Stage (1)
The longer you leave it running the better the results

This reminds me of a web demo project...

Stage (2)

im gonna see if i can make that

Project link?

Cool. But if you run it from the website (the links you posted) rather than from the editor, nothing happens when you start it, because (a) none of the scripts have hat blocks, such as when flag clicked, and (b) the sprite wearing the original picture blocks the pen trails from view. :~)

ik the sprite blocks it bc no hat blocks

its not really meant to be official

Ah okay. You did post about it here, though. :~)

to share it. i share concepts not projects.

very nice project!
never put a warp block around a forever loop! it will cause lag and slow down your program! instead, put the warp block inside of the forever loop.
it actually ran faster for me if I removed all of the warp blocks entirely. :slight_smile: