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click to make a shape. post your stage pics here! here are some I made: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

nice project, the way the shapes appear is very smooth

it's so smooth because it's a "turbo drawn concentrated spiral". (I made that name up)

I ended up changing your code so that "concentration" was set to 0.5 and the number of sides is reduced to 50, so that I could actually see a spiral (rather than a filled polygon). I like spirals!

Also maybe change the turn angle to (360/sides)+(random from -3 to 3).

uh–that gives a weird result.

I just made the list block (I edited the code a bit to do so):

mouse x: Costume(1)

I didn't mean to suggest that you had to do it my way, just that I found a way to remix your project for my own amusement.

Where is the project ?

share you projects [/^ (click on that)

Why do you have many "mouse down" ?

You can remove some ...

those extra ones were for testing. deleted.

Nice! Here's what I've made:

Oh btw did you make any updates to it? The shapes seem thicker than from what they were last time I visited it.

reload the project :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks. It's back to the way I remember it :sweat_smile:

It's also very satisfying. :slight_smile:

what happened is I accidentally increased the numbers in the for block. the first number is the # of sides of the shape with the least number of sides the program will draw, and the second number is the # of sides of the shape with the most. number of sides the program will draw

Here's the alternate version:

example from alternate version:

in the alt version has a range list that you can change.