Shape of red stop button

This doesn't bother me but a person who is using my Mayflower tracking program asked me how the "red record" button worked :slight_smile:

When I explained it was the stop button - they said "but it's the wrong shape!"

They are very much into web site GUI

I said I'd mention it on here for them :slight_smile:

It's an octagon, it's just so small that it looks like a circle.

Sometimes it's square, namely when there are generic WHEN scripts that are being prevented from running because no other script has run since the user pressed the stop button. I don't know if this is what @cymplecy's friend saw.

@here yall really thought it was a circle?

Don't post @-here! It just causes unnecessary pings.
And yes, from far enough away it looks like a circle.

what is @ here ?

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