Shape detection project

Please look at this project.

how do I use the project?

And why didn't you embed it?

That's cool!

Did you have an application in mind? Mostly when people say "shape detection" they mean finding any kind of shape that's already visible on the stage.

oh, it's a project that draws shapes using pen

for the circle, you don't need to use the sqrt function, use this instead: dx^2 + dy^2 < radius^2 (dx being x - object x and dy being y - object y, d stands for difference or delta). it's the same formula as the one you have currently but with sqrt removed. i recommend you use that instead because the sqrt function is a lot slower than squaring something.

I was going to, but I didn't have time. I have now.

No, it detects if a point is touching a shape. I had in mind using it for buttons
I am thinking of incorporating stripes and semicircles as well.

Thanks for the tip!