Settings Tab

So there are settings in the forum but not on the community site. I suggest it would be on the drop down menu

So in the settings there would be options like ‘(upcoming) JS enabling, languages could be moved there, password & email changing, etc, and maybe a about page. This would be nice because there are settings for the forum but they do not apply on the community site also the site is bound to need settings. Yes there is settings in editor but those are for the editor and for that one project.

That's not quite true. The settings menu is divided into four parts by horizontal lines. The first part is for non-Boolean settings, but the other three are based on the scope of the setting. The second group (JS extensions, etc) apply only to the current session (and project). The third group (long form input dialog, etc) are saved with your user account and apply to every project you open. The fourth group (thread safe scripts, etc) are saved with the project and apply no matter who's running it.

So in principle it might make sense to let you set that third group from the web site, but in fact those settings apply only in the editor, so it's more natural to set them there.

But yes, eventually you should be able to change your password and your avatar and that sort of thing on the web site. But that is exactly the category that's shared between the web site and the forum, so we need to make sure that those stay consistent.

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