Setting variables without Hat


Could you please tell me how do I set variable without putting it into hat? Also what blocks should I use to rewrite its value? The variable is a number.

Thank you.

what do you want? Do you not want to do
set variable to list script pic
or do you want to edit the value with the variable watcher? To do that, there's only one way I know of. It's by right-clicking the variable watcher and clicking on slider. Then you change the slider min and max, by right-clicking on the variable watcher. btw, you can also just click on a block to run it.


I have to find max largest value in a number. So I should declare the max variable and rewrite it to find max value. I make Reporter block that should show max value of a number.

In addition, I create new block in Operator folder.

Ah, you want us to do your homework. :~)

You can use the SET (var) TO (value) block to give a variable a new value.

If you're asking how to declare a variable in a script, use the SCRIPT VARIABLES block near the top of the Variables menu. You can click on the orange A to change the name of the variable.

Thank you all.
I'm learning Snap! and trying to boost my knowledge to next lesson. :smiley: Thank you again.