Set Font, Bold and Italic for Pen Writing without JS?

What's problem you are encountering?
I am making a typing application sort of like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and I want to allow the user to change the font and type in bold and italic. I know how to do this with JS, but to make it simpler for the user, I would like to have it without JS.
What have you tried that didn't work?
Nothing yet. I simply don't know how to do this.

working on it!

Thank you!

I think it has to be JS.

Shoot. Oh well. I'm going to make a request for the block though.

done it before

Really? I'll wait. If not then I'll just set the solution to @earthrulerr 's comment

@helicoptur made a block that does it.

Yeah, that uses JS.

Like I said earlier, it’s impossible without JS unless Snap! Adds it.

They can both be made without js. They just have to have every char mapped out to write using the pen.

Could you explain?

Well, you have to make a mapping of every letter, number, and symbol. Next, you split a phrase into letters, and for each letter, grab the mapping associated with it, And use the pen to draw the letter using the location mapping.

Makes sense.

To make the mappings easier, use a block that uses JS to change the text. Next, we write the letter we want to map, then we store the pen trails in a variable. Then we switch the costume to the variable, And use the [PIXELS] OF COSTUME [CURRENT] block, and save the mapping to a list.

I can make the block that does that for you, too.



What I mean is, you use the JS, make the mappings, save it to a variable, you no longer JS. :man_facepalming: yourself.

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