does anyone know a free server in china?replit responds too slow
or i cant make better cloud variables
the lag should be smaller or equal to scratch cloud vars

servers, the cloud, websites, are all just someone else's computer, they cost money.
if someone claims to offer free servers they're almost definetly doing something malicious or won't be useful.

this is why i have my own computers to host things like websites and store files on instead of using something like replit; i don't have to rely on someone else's servers.

well i don’t have other computers, or routers that i have the permission to configure, and this could apply to others.

although i did find two services which allow me to “port forward” from localhost for free. though i’m not sure if there are any malicious things its doing, maybe i should read the tos

although i did find two services which allow me to “port forward” from localhost for free.

this just sounds like some kind of virus. absolutely nothing about port forwarding should imply being free or costing money, it should just be free and shouldn't require downloading anything.
it's like downloading a program to "create files" because you heard you need files, it's completely missing the context and the program doesn't make sense.

you also shouldn't be port forwarding if you know this little about networking. it can be extremely dangerous if you do things carelessly.

well i put “port forwarding” in quotes — it’s not real port forwarding, it’s some sort of tunneling proxy.

and the services in question is and ngrok. prior to downloading i researched if it was malware. no one says it is, i haven’t gotten any red flags from virus scans. and i also found a topic on malware bytes where the owner of the site reported it was falsely reported as a trojan, and malware bytes removed the block.

for ngrok, i searched up “ngrok is malware” and found a page documenting what seems to be a security vulnerability within the program. i’ll read the article more thoroughly later. but i haven’t been using ngrok after i found out about, since ngrok doesn’t have an option for udp ports.

by the way, i’m only using these services to host temporary game servers so i can play with my friends. i don’t see myself using these services to host more permanent things since it requires my computer to stay on. also the domains they assign to you for free are random garbage, and you need to pay to get customizable domains, and even then they still have “playit” in it or “ngrok”.

if you can't control the router and are just doing game servers there's a good chance you can use upnp with something like miniupnpc, just make sure to close it again when you're done with it. i wouldn't reccomend tunneling, it's slow and i'm pretty sure it's just another case of relying on someone elses computer, and even worse here pointing them directly to yours and what you're doing with it

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