Sending Private Messages

Replying a person 3 or more times gets you a message from the system in the preview if you are replying again. It says that this is great, you may invite more people to talk here, and what this topic is about, you may send a private message to the person. If you click o the private message's link, you will go in a link just like this: And you won't be able to do anything there. So, why does the system say this? Is there really an option for this? Thank you.

We haven't turned on private messages because we don't want to enable child molesters. I don't like having to think that way, but this is the world we live in.

I know. The joys of the internet... P.S. Hello again, sorry I haven't been very active.

Ah, a public message. :~)

Whoof! That sure is a good reason! I never thought of that before.

Am I right in that the admins can send private messages, though? I'v gotten one from @bh in the past.

Yes. We are wise and all-powerful.

: -)


Can we reply if you send us one?

most likely

I see.