Seed Based Random Number Generation

Try it out:


Seed Based Random Number script pic (1)

I don't have anything better to say about it because I don't know anything about large integer arithmetic.

Good catch. Built the rest of the project last night and wasn't fully awake ig.

All I did was take the seed number and raise it to the power of 2.
Then I removed all of the periods and other letters and I get a new number.
Then, based on how many steps the user provides I just multiply it by 2 and if it goes over the larger number (the user-provided number) then multiply it by 0.3 until it is under the larger number.

I put the seed "3049" and made the block guess a number between 1-10. It puts 3 every time. Is that supposed to happen?

That's the point. If you give it the same inputs, it gives the same output.

Also, there's a bug:
Seed Based Random Number script pic
I'll try to fix it myself. It shouldn't be that hard.

Edit: I just added
Seed Based Random Number script pic 2
to the beginning of the definition.

Do you get more even numbers than odd numbers?

Seems that even and odd numbers are distributed pretty evenly.
I used this script:

Each number in the result is how many even numbers are in a list of 100 random numbers using a randomly generated seed.

Yup, that does look good. I guess it must get too big pretty often. :~)