Security error: This operation is insucure

I got this error when tring to save a project and while tring to run a custom block
Uncaught DOMException: The operation is insecure.
toXML https:///snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:1931
store https:/./snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:128
toXML https:///snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:1876
store https:///snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:128
toXML https:,//snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:1792
toXML https:///snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:1791
store https:///snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:128
toXML https:///snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:1822
store https:///src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:128
serialize https:///snap/src/store.js?version=2023-07-27:102
buildProjectRequest https:///snap/src/gui.js?version=2023-10-30:7898
saveProjectToCloud https:///snap/src/gui.js?version=2023-10-30:7960
saveCloudProject https:///snap/src/gui.js?version=2023-10-30:9219
saveProject https:///snap/src/gui.js?version=2023-10-30:9202
accept https:///snap/src/widgets.js?version=2023-05-24:2529
ok https:///snap/src/widgets.js?version=2023-05-24:2571
trigger https:///snap/src/morphic.js?version=2023-03-16:9963
mouseClickLeft https:///snap/src/morphic.js?version=2023-03-16:10024
mouseClickLeft https:///snap/src/widgets.js?version=2023-05-24:213
escalateEvent https:///snap/src/morphic.js?version=2023-03-16:4720
mouseClickLeft https:///snap/src/morphic.js?version=2023-03-16:9134
processMouseUp https:///snap/src/morphic.js?version=2023-03-16:11579
initEventListeners https:///snap/src/morphic.js?version=2023-03-16:12390

here is what is says in the console
I am running Windows 10 with firefox 119.0.1 (64-bit)

did you bring it to the doctor? It sounds like your Snap! client has an auto-immune disease which makes the brain think its insides are insecure (/j)
(its saying that a bunch of js files that make up snap are insecure, for some reason)

oh thats no good

do you want to see the project to see whats going on with it

What do you mean?

what part?

the whole project

you know the xml file

Have you tried saving the project again?

I did and it said the same thing. The only way that i can save my project is to put it all in custom blocks and export them

wait, can you export the project to a file? (not in a custom block)

no it gives the same error

Does your project include vector graphics from the net?

no but it does make some api calls outside of the project

Oh. You're on your own then! :confused:

really nothing i can do?

I dunno, maybe... but, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not going to debug your unsupported JS code!

Remove any "external" costume, loaded by drag&drop or JS.

That worked. Thank You

there's a block in snap that downloads an image from the internet...