Security Cert Expired Again

You can still visit the editor because of the new caching features in Snap! 7.

Snap! Security Certificate Expired - Help with Snap! / Snap! Community Site - Snap! Forums ( sorry did not notice you already posted this-

You can delete the topic if no one has replied

I just noticed that the editor is not working either.

Editor working for me.

Man I was about to make a new custom block project but I can't access my other projects.

Not for me.

when it comes back can you check my S!ML topic?

@bh @jens
oh no I @ tagged jens


Isn't there supposed to be a thing that automatically renews the certificate?

Got me, I'm web-illiterate.

Oop you saw this. Why did you @ cyco? Also maybe they do not have auto renew abilities or are not eligible??

He's the one who usually deals with this stuff.

Alright. Welp time to cry in a dark corner until Snap! is back.

Ugh. Sorry. :frowning: this is fixed now! I thought it was fixed earlier this year.

Auto renew is supposed to be setup but despite many tries the hooks dont work correctly - the ceets get downloaded but never copied to the right spot.

Lucky this caught me at the right time. I’m on vacation and won’t have cell service most of the day today.