Search Database

Looking for people to help me make a large database of searches you would make on google (for a project).

Don't they have an API for that?

No, and I want to make my own AI to find search results

I don't know much about Databases and such but can I join?

Sure, just make a list like this:

Oh, so you want some sort of database like Google that can search?

If you do, I think @earthrulerr has one. He made one. It needed JS but I didn't care how annoying the JS popup was. It worked.

That just opened a link in a new tab. There was no database.

Ohhhh nevermind I understand.

It's like memory and such.

Just a database of common google searches.

Just a test. So you want it to be like some sort of survey that collects all the user's browser search data, right?

Didn’t you make one in Scratch?

All i need is a list, not a block.

that was a browser

Nvm, can someone close this

Flagged it so it would get closed.