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Nice project!

On the website, look at your project, and beneath the little stage one of the buttons is "embed." Click it and it'll give you some HTML code.

WOW, impressive! Thank you. Please share the URL of your post when will be embedded :slight_smile:

Oh, right. I might have overlooked that.

The document.title example is not working on this forum page for me. I guess it is a good security thing to not be able to change the document object so that the forum page does not get messed up by an embedded project, is that right?

Wait: document.createElement("audio") still works.

I doubt if @bromagosa thought to check specially for that as a security measure. My guess is that when you embed one page in another, the inner one's DOCUMENT isn't actually the DOCUMENT of the entire page. But I'm just guessing...

They are different. I temporarily modified the code to alert document == window.document and got false.

After changing all instances of document to window.document, it still does not work here.

I'm guessing that the thing that looks like a title bar above the embedded project isn't really one.

What is it?

You know, it's just drawn by some JS code in Snap! or in the embedded project or whatever. So it doesn't automatically notice if its window's title changes.

I'm not understanding the issue. The project title is clearly visible:


What am I missing?

Inside the project, window.document.title is changed. It works on the project page and in the editor (as in I see the change in browser tab), but it does not work in this forum page.

that did not work some reason

I hadn't seen this thread... but I don't see any problem.

Here (forum) the project is inside an <iframe> Then the behavior is as expected. You can do everything inside your html (inside the iframe) like document.createElement("audio") but you can't do anything outside the iframe... and so, you can't change page title.


I think I know how to fix it: use, right?

No, there is a security error.

Doesn't load on mobile