Scroll Wheels!

Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks Only thing is reporting a number depending on the x or y.


i have made a remix

in the v3, you should press the wheel to move it and you can move the bar

I remixed it here, now you have to press and drag the bars to scroll. I'll improve it even more.

Edit: It now has regular scrollbar functionality.

Your remix is definitely something I like, but I don't like the Morphic shadow when you drag the bar.

What about reporting a number based on n the position?

Who are you replying to? loucheman or me?

All of you.

Ok. I'll go make that.

Edit: Done.

V4 done, it report 0 - 100%

You can move the bar on screen
You can change the size of the bar (ex: set size to 50%)


Thank you

in v5 introducing left value and right value (script variables), you can change it !

It should be reporting while the wheel is being moved*

I will try

Ok. Also great job. Now how would we make it so when you scroll down an animation plays? That would be cool. We could make a new collaboration “Slide Animation”

V5 now include real time dimmer

I abandoned the configurable versions
I added min, max and the dimmer value as label controls

there is to many collaborations now. we need to do something different. not a collaboration.

This isn't a collaboration.

earth is talking about making one about this topic.

Ah, I see now.