Scripts are moving around

Ms-DOS? That's a real thing. I just built a simulator.


Yeah I know. I liked the sim, though

To be specific, it lags when I try to move it, close, or minimize it.

Also the folders don't minimize with it.

(Maybe we should get back on-topic…)

They used to…

Yes, lets create a new topic and talk about it there.


I like this project, so I want to discuss its features.

Ok. I’ll make the topic. Just a moment…

Ok. I think this issue is resolved

Wait. Do you mean I’ll get banned from snap if I keep using the snap API to fetch project XML?


Oh. How do you know?

It's happened to me. (@joecooldoo_banned)

Well I guess I’ll have to remove that part of the project

Exhibit B:

Very :(

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