Scripting storing/backpacking

Ok so today whilst browsing Snap! porjects i found this really cool one that has 2 custom blocks for storing cookies and grabbing them and whilst i was messing around with them i ended up making a thing that automaticly saves values and when you get back on it contenues where you left off. On scratch, there is this feature called the "backpack" where tou can store scripts, costumes, and sprites. I wanted to save the cookie data blocks but I couldn't find a way to do so. Is there a feature such as the Scratch backpack on Snap? If not, I think it'll be really cool to add somthing like that.

Only for custom blocks, I think you'll be able to click "File>Export blocks...".

You can then be able to "File>Import" the blocks you downloaded.

There is an experimental feature that allows you to download scripts. Shift-right-click on a script to see it.

I forgot the most import part: the shift key

What's the option? I think you meant shift-click.

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