I have one request. Can you make it act as if nothing happened? Like add the original pentrails to clear and put them back.

Also, for out-of-stage use. Add [tell stage to to (that)

One more thing......

Make it include the pentrials in the costume.

Ill do it too.

I made this "dead simple" procedure to maintain, store, and restore objects state just to get a screenshot of Snap! stage. But the watchers are still not possible.
screenshot script pic (6)
Talking to the truth, I'm feeling like a fool. I've found that there is a ready-made block available in dev mode.
screenshot script pic (5)
It's not made with blocks, just 2 lines of JS, surprisingly isn't it?
Test project https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=dardoro&ProjectName=screenshot

Not so surprising, considering that the code to do that is already in the GUI. The only reason the block is hidden is that @Jens believes in Eisenberg's Law only for himself, not for the actual users. :~(

So that was quite useful hints ....

... whereas @bh believes that there should be a primitive block in Snap's palette for every function in the implementation code, and deeply nested dropdown menus for every parameter.
Do y'all really want or need a "screenshotting" primitive? What for?

So it's usual routine to build in some random, useless blocks for Snap, just because of having too much free time :wink:

We dont need a screenshotting primitive(why nog we make that primitive? Except, it is not a primitive.) not everyone will use it often.

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