Screen capture the stage of a project during its execution

Hi everybody,

Is there any way to screen capture the stage of my project during its execution ?
I mean programmatically (inside Snap!)

Thank you for your answer.

Hi Nathalie,

  • Using Snap! blocks, I think the idea is to "stamp" all your sprites and record normally the "pentrails". Of course, if you want to return to the previous state, you can store "previous pentrails", do the actions and restore the "previous pentrails".

  • Maybe faster, you can use the "pic..." option the stage, and build a JS block. For example, you can use:


Thank you Joan, but it's a little bit complicated. I prefer to keep on capture the screen with an external software (I use quicktime).

I thought we could use the camera to film the stage...
In the same spirit as when we redirect the internal sound output to record with audacity...

It sounds like you want to capture a video of just the stage, and you can do that in quicktime. Here is a tutorial. Let me know if this helps.

Thank you @legoman3.14 . But I already do that for a few weeks.
I thought it was possible inside Snap! itself...

Because I read somewhere (or heard at the las Snap*!* conference) that a good programming software was a good one if everything was possible by programming inside it.