Eh? That block takes a picture through your camera, i.e., a selfie.

I thought yhat was in pixels

Yeah that too.

To be considered an answer, when i get a pc

you can build that block yourself, no JS needed. simply paste every sprite onto the stage. Then save the stage's current costume, and switch back to the stage's previous one.

Jeez. You folks don't give up until you find a complicated Javascript way for everything. I'm in the wrong forum. :-/

I said to include the right layers. I was thinking i could use that layers thing in the for every item in block to tell (item) to paste on stage. Then get the costume.

Also, i mean screenshot the stage only.

My cousin says that to programmer user too. (Not exactly, he just used a lot of code for just adding an external script.)

Your cousin?


[scratchblocks] (my [other sprites v] :: sensing) [/scratchblocks] in the Stage reports all of the sprites in their layer order.

lol...not me, I barely know JS.

one time I tried pasting a thin line onto the stage, and it didn't turn out right. I agree with using a javascript way to make it way better quality.

Why would you want to use JS at all? It's way easier to do that in Snap!, and way more elegant!

Make a new sprite, make a fully opaque costume for that sprite that covers the entire stage. Place it at 0,0. Then run this:

Digger script pic

Ok. Ill try that

Not that fast dear friends :wink:
"paste on" ignores graphics effects (this time mosaic).
untitled script pic (5)
But stamping misses the background... so extra step (and Sprite4StageBack helper).
untitled script pic (6)
Scripts are on the Stage : https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=dardoro&ProjectName=screenshot

I have one request. Can you make it act as if nothing happened? Like add the original pentrails to clear and put them back.

Also, for out-of-stage use. Add [tell stage to to (that)