Screen-turns-white problem FIXED

The problem some people have brought up here in the past few days is now fixed. This is the one where the whole window turns white when you click on a color chooser.

This is actually a Chrome bug, not ours, but while we wait for Google to get
we have a workaround in Snap! 9.0.11. If you still have this problem, shift-click the page refresh ↻ icon to get the new version in your cache.

you could also drag a block around the whole screen to fix it

tuit :grin:

BTW, what's the difference between 9.0.11 and the previous version? I can't tell.

Is there any possibility that this fix would cause some of the newer Control blocks (for instance expandable if/elseif) would disappear from the palette and previously-saved projects might have a lot of (UNDEFINED) in them?

I am getting this for a project I had last saved maybe 1-2weeks ago, but there's also a possibility that Snap in the Brave browser (shields up) with my work's firewall policies behaves/appears differently than when I'm at home.

Too late, after I started replacing all the missing stuff, I thought "maybe I shouldn't have saved that, or should have exported to xml first"

I wouldn't think so. Make sure the tab title says version 9.0.11 (or click on the snap logo > about).

8.0.0 wtf? What would force it back to an old version like that?

I've found that in order to actually clear the cache on brave (or chrome) you have to do it in the browser settings, the shift + click reload doesn't work. Of course you also might be able to open dev tools and right click the reload button to clear cache and hard reload.

Are you saying I might have had the Snap editor page cached in Brave unchanged since 8.0.0? I rarely look at Snap on that computer/browser, but I feel like I definitely have this school year

I have no idea, but the most common problem with a browser being stuck on a previous snap version is because it was cached. I have no clue why or how.

clear cache and hard reload dosent stay, if i reload snap after it goes back to 8.0.0

Then you need to clear the cache in the browser settings.

No, no blocks were ever replaced or removed. Any blocks that where “removed” (like call/run with continuation) where moved to dev mode for compatibility

A block should never become “undefined” in a future version. This should only happen when you try to load blocks exclusive to a new version in an older version

Didn't you see the replies? They said that apparently they were on 8.0.0

No actually I didn’t, for some reason I keep glitching and it shows that old posts are the newest posts and doesn’t show the rest

For compatibility, when a project is loaded, the old blocks are automatically replaced with new ones. Saving the project then saves the new ones. Keeping the old ones in dev is really just in case someone comes up with a case in which the new ones don't quite do the same thing.

FWIW, clearing my cache in Brave fixed my problem, Snap loaded as 9.0.11.

The reason things were "Undefined" must have been because cached Snap 8 loaded from the cloud a project that was saved by 9.0.x, and it couldn't understand new features from 'the future'.

Now that I understand that, in the future if I see Undefined, I won't save the project!

And if you do, just click on the restore button (in the open dialog, if it's there) to try and restore a previous version.

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What'd I say to which these are counterexamples?