Scratchifyied blocks (update 10.5! Revamped post!)

I made a few blocks that could be pretty useful to some people

If you have any ideas, find any issues, think something is in the wrong spot, or there just being something wrong in general, let me know!

It’s mainly targeted at people just coming from scatch to snap to help them get adjusted, as well as adding some blocks that help me personally (like the recall block)

View here
Update 1:
added help text for all the blocks so it’s less confusing (although some of them are straight foreword)

Update 2:
added a help text, modified one, and removed a block from the main area

Update 3:
rearranged blocks in the code area by category, as well as being fully visible on smaller screens

Update 4:
the “all of <> is [true v]” and “any of <> is [true v]” have an added comment regarding the fact that they are obsolete due to the new update (8.2.0) adding expandable logic blocks, their second function (being the false option) is still somewhat useful

Update 4.5: fixed typo in one of the help messages

Update 5:
added new “run for report” block, it runs the scripts inside until it gets to a report block, then reports the value inside it, basically creating its own custom block

Update 6:
added 4 new blocks related to lists!
Update 6.5: added a “last message was ( v)” block, not a full update because it’s pretty simple, added dev mode blocks to palette as well

Update 7:
added help text for new blocks

Update 8:
separated blocks into beginner and advanced to better represent the goal of this. also added a “create list” block because it could be confusing as to why there’s no list button

Update 8.1: added help text to list block

Update 9:
fixed some reported bugs, the “all of” and “any of” work as expected now, the “if I where to” block should now work with “when I start as a clone”

Update 10:
added 2 new blocks (4 technically)
Scratchifyed script pic
Scratchifyed script pic 2
The first one is a Boolean version of the “if [sprite v] where to” (the drop-down was dropped for causing lag) and the second one is brand new!
It reports the amount of times the script inside needs to run before the “until” predicate is true (the “max” value sets a max loop size as a fail safe so it doesn’t repeat infinitely if it never gets true, in the case the max size is hit it reports false)
There are also the “with break (tag)” and “break ()” blocks but those are the same as the “catch” and “throw” blocks with more understandable names

Update 10.1: removed the drop down on the original “if [sprite v] where to” block making it “if I where to” this is because if you set the drop-down to a sprite that doesn’t exist it lags out the project, if you want the old functionality back you can use the “ask” block

Update 10.5: updated the “() is between () and ()” block to have a drop-down making it “() is [between v] () and ()” or “() is [within v] () and ()”
“Between” works like the old block and “within” allows the target value to be equal to the between values as opposed to the old version
Also updated formatting of this post

I’m looking for some feedback

Mainly, are these blocks good?
Like easy to understand and are useful for less complex things

And if anyone has any sort of ideas for a block just lmk I’m happy to add more

It's more confusing than snap itself imo...
I mean, some of them I can understand.

I think the blocks could be useful, but I have a question: is there a reason you use
Scratchifyed script pic
and not
Scratchifyed script pic (1)
? (columns of [] is an option in the length of [] reporter)

Because frankly, I didn’t think of that.. its not very obvious that’s what it would do

That’s why I added help text

But i thought the point of these was to make snap easier to understand for former scratch users

Is that not true?

I’ll probably compile all the blocks with different target audiences into different sections

Edit: done!

Edit 2: new list blocks

What do you mean?


Who is this guy?

I don't know. he made an innapropriate post though and should probably be banned.

Yeah, I saw.

A few things:
firstly, the
Scratchifyed script pic (1)
block should be renamed to
Scratchifyed script pic (2)

also, the
Scratchifyed script pic (3)

block doesn't work properly if the sprite has a WHEN I START AS A CLONE script.
(I don't know how you would fix that though)

there should probably be a reporter version of the LITERALLY block. (using any unevaluated)

lastly, the ALL OF and ANY OF blocks are inconsistant with the behavior of non-boolean inputs
Scratchifyed script pic (5)
Scratchifyed script pic (4)

(actually, I just discovered that the primitives do that too. huh.

1:The reason it’s not “as text” is because now it doesn’t report it as text because of the changes to join
2: that’s become the block creates a clone to be able to run it, there may be a workaround for this so I’ll definitely look into it
3: I decided against using the literally blocks for anything because rings are easier to understand and those blocks report rings
4: realistically there won’t be any empty inputs if you are using the block in code, I think an empty input itn one of those slots acts as “false” so the behavior is actually expected in the first one, but the second one is still broken
I’m gonna rework those because of the recent changes to the library

@starbox614 i have updated it, can you test “when I start as a clone”

New update! Added 2 new blocks

Another update, Changed format of this post