Scratcher Location Logger

I created a location logger!

uh, how are we supposed to use it if...

and this uses js, and we can't use js outside the editor...

I did also notice a problem in your code, you should do this instead

oh whoops hold on

I used old blocks from a different project. I fixed it though.

just wanted to say, this project is collecting the user's actual location which isn't a very good idea. I mean, it is asking if you want your location logged, but it's not saying that others can view your location, well, it also doesn't record which scratcher it is, but still...

Just use

[scratchblocks]split(url contents)by(JSON v)::operators reporter[/scratchblocks]

for the url contents. This isn't scratch, you don't have to do things like
[scratchblocks]if<(letter (1) of (var))=[l]>then
if<(letter (2) of (var))=[o]>then
if<(letter (3) of (var))=[l]>then
Also, don't use the Uni Goettingen server for cloud vars. This has been discussed multiple times before.