Scratch User ID Requester

My project will fetch the account ID of any Scratch user. Try it!

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I assume you've been on Scratch for a long time, but are new to Snap!?
This code seems like the kind of thing you would write in Scratch, because of its limitations. But, there is a much easier way to do this instead:

(You can delete all the global variables in this program, they're not needed.)

Ummm I typed in my named, and I seriously got my user ID.... That is pretty scary if you ask me....

How is that scary?

It's scary because it knows my Scratch ID!

The information is public on the internet... And how is that scary? Can people figure out your location from your scratch ID?

maybe. you never know

no. Your scratch id is randomly generated (I think) when you create the account. It has nothing to do with your location.

No, a scratch ID is a continuos number each time an account is created. For example, if the last account ID is 672, if i create another account, the id will be 673.

It's not scary at all, you can find out any user's ID just by using this url:

so i am the 62,448,765th scratch user

or by going to

Or simply just by going to

Oh. I never thought of that.

No, I think I found out.

what did you find out

I found out that the ID is basically counting the exact count of when I joined scratch.

When I inserted some really, really old scratchers, why did it say "0null"