Scratch to Snap!

Hey guys!
I'm new. (Sorry let me get over this cool bold text real quick lol)
Alright, alright I am a very popular Scratcher (By popular I mean 85 followers ONLY haha ) And I thought I should import a project from Scratch. I am so confused by this website right now and am not sure how. I already went to Scratch and saved my project as a .sb3 file. What do I do now? I am importing it but for some reason, nothing happens. WHAT?!? please help me :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You cannot import scratch projects directly to snap, as snap uses a completely different format. You can, however, use Snapinator to convert scratch projects to snap. The project will most likely not work as intended, and will most definitely run slower. You may also run into many more issues. I'd suggest that you should start in snap, and learn about the new stuff that snap has. I know you'll find lots of really cool things (like being able to create custom reporter blocks).

Ok :slight_smile:

If you try to convert Paper Minecraft with Snapinator, it says that variables are missing. Why?

Every time I use it, it says that the project can not be retrieved. So I will just not use it.

Like I said,

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